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22 Décembre 2014 , Rédigé par Frédéric Delorca Publié dans #Souvenirs d'enfance et de jeunesse

   I'll leave my memories, a little trace high above, on some stone which I would be able to recognize easily. One day when I would visit the places of my creation, I will walk through the ruins of this old stone city, only one pillar will stay intact infront of me, and on its top a stone I marked with my memories. I'll take it into the white empty room and when only my eyes would stay alive in me, I'll watch the parts of my past, one part by one, bringing it back again. I would live again the most valuable fragments of my life. I would wake up the subconscience, thousands of emotions I felt once, and the same joy. Life is too valuable to be lived just once. There in that white room, I'll be able to live again every moment of my past, my first memory as a child, a smell of the air near the big river, music which led me to trans, photos when I was beautiful and shining, freezing touch of the glass like a cold peace I was longing for. I'll watch the traces with my eyes when I was young, selfconscious, curious. I 'll need just to change the position of my eyes and new pictures from the past will appear. But that evening in my future, I won't come in the white room to watch my childhood or the moment of my fullfilled ambition. That evening will be special. That evening will be yours. I am chased by the places from this city. A city where I belonged to you. That evening you'll be more and more near, the light will be in your eyes.I won't even need to enter in the white room of memories, although the mountain of time would pass, although a generations of people would pass aside me, although rains would wash out a lot of memories. But you, I'll see you clearly, a light in the middle of passing faces. I'll turn off the light in the white room. I'll need only to close my eyes in the deep obscure and to let the emotions overflow me, that night when i'll want to bring back the most beautiful memories. Something was left unspoken between you and me, I lost your presence in one of those catastrofies which left the hole in the time. I woke up one morning and you were gone, I started my life till the new sunset. You stayed in another dimension, I tried to hold my arms to touch you but that wall was so long and high. Everything changed since you're gone, the desert is on the place where we felt the whole new universe together, destroyed stones on the place of the city where I saw you the first time, when I wished you madly. I know you are with me, in another dimension, another time, with the same memories, those burning memories. And I let them overflow me, I let them hurt me just to remind myself that there was an eternety, that I am the thin line which connects the past and the future. The memories of the moments when we were one, and the land under our bodies was shaking under the overstrained emotions.

All I can do is to wait the moment when the time will stop, I'll shiver again in your hug, when you'll hug me strongly, my emotions will strangle my throat when I'll recognize your touch after the sea of the time




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